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In today’s climate – where teachers are too often blamed for schools’ ills and more and more tests take up students’ time – we need courageous union leadership that listens to the members, represents the members, and respects the members.

  • We need a union that will fight for a strong contract. When we ask for less than what is required to do our jobs well, we cannot serve our students effectively, or be true to the passion that brings us into classroom.
  • We need a union that will demand full funding of education. This will only happen if we insist lawmakers adhere to the law.
  • We need a union that will stand for fair and sustainable teacher evaluation. Evaluation should empower us to continually improve our professional practices and care for our students.
  • We need a union that protects our right to teach culturally relevant curriculum and works to replace disproportionate disciplinary procedures with restorative justice. Seattle’s students deserve a holistic education that fosters critical thinking and civic engagement.
  • We need a union that brings families and community into the schools as partners and collaborators.
  • We need a union that empowers the union membership to be an active voice.
  • We need a union that keeps us informed with accurate information and invites us to take an active role in a truly member-driven union.
  • We need a union that will join the growing national movement to fight for fair and meaningful student assessments, including opportunities to pilot performance-based alternatives to high-stakes testing.

We believe this: You are the union. We want to hear you and work with you to build the school district Seattle’s students deserve. Let’s fight to do the work we became educators to do, and make an education system that both allows us and empowers us to educate, unfettered by over-testing and unsustainable evaluation systems.


We need your involvement. 

Because educators deserve respect.



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