Community Members: Support the SEA Strike!

The teachers and staff in Seattle have already received an amazing amount of support from parents and community members.  Thank you!

If you are looking for ways to get involved and support the strike, here is a list of things you can do to help:

  1. Join a picket line at your local school!  Teachers and staff will be thrilled to see broader community support for their struggle and bigger numbers on the picket lines help draw more attention to the cause.  You can show up to any picket during school hours and introduce yourself and help walk the line.  If possible, it’s also great to bring handwritten signs and wear red.
  2. Join the newly formed community support coalition “Coalition for the Schools Seattle Deserves” on Facebook.
  3. Attend a rally at 23rd Ave. and E. Alder St. on Thursday, Sept. 10 at 12pm sponsored by the Seattle Solidarity Network.
  4. Attend a Community Forum at City Hall sponsored by the Coalition for the Schools Seattle Deserves on Thursday, Sept. 10 at 6pm.
  5. Write and call the Superintendent and the School Board and let them know you support the teachers’ demands:

Seattle Public Schools Superintendent
Dr. Larry Nyland
(206) 252-0180

Seattle School Board
(206) 252-0040

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