RESPECT campaign FAQs*


RESPECT means struggling for the contract educators deserve, the schools our students deserve, and the city Seattle deserves.  The contract educators deserve demands caseload caps for our Education Support Associates, keeps student standardized test data out of our performance evaluations, and makes working conditions reasonable. Our interests align with parent’s and children’s. We need to build strong grassroots alliances with them because more people advocating for the schools our students deserve makes our odds at beating the corporate education deform agenda better. Cities like Portland and St. Paul worked closely with the community to develop a vision for public education. Mass community support helped them win their demands in bargaining without having to go on strike.  The city Seattle deserves means supporting the fight for a living wage in a city with an affordability crisis.  Supporting the stability and security of our children’s families ensures students can be prepared to engage in their education and prioritize academic achievement.

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