Sue Peters Endorses Jesse Hagopian for SEA President

I have known Jesse Hagopian since 2008 when I joined his organization, ESP Vision, with many other Seattle parents, teachers and community leaders, to fight damaging and ill-advised school closures. Since that time, I have watched Jesse consistently speak up for social justice, and have been impressed by his unwavering support of public education.
I admire Jesse’s sense of decency and courage, as well as his sharp focus on keeping the public in public education, and profiteering interests at bay. He has also been an eloquent speaker and writer on the excesses and damaging policies of “No Child Left Behind.”
From his role in the nationally reverberating MAP test boycott, to his recent participation as a panelist at the inaugural conference of Dr. Diane Ravitch’s Network for Public Education, to his support for a living wage, Jesse has been willing to lead the local and national debate on important issues that affect students, educators and working people, especially those who need a strong advocate the most.
I believe that Seattle’s educators and paraprofessionals will benefit from his progressive insights, fortitude and spirit in a greater leadership role. I know he will be a champion for the rights and best interests of both educators and students.
I am honored to be his friend and pleased to endorse him.
Sue Peters
Public education parent and activist
Co-founding editor, Seattle Education Blog
Founding member, Parents Across America, & the Seattle Math Coalition
(Seattle School Board Director, for identification purposes only)         


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