Nick Licata endorses Jesse Hagopian for SEA president

Statement from Seattle City Councilmember Nick Licata supporting Garfield High School history teacher, Jesse Hagopian, for Seattle Education Association President.

March 10,2014

The city our families deserve begins with a strong school system. Yet, with annual budget cuts and oversized classes, and with students of color receiving a disproportionate amount of discipline, Seattle is in need of a more equitable and higher performing school system.  Thankfully, a slate of progressive candidates has stepped up to run for leadership positions in the Seattle Education Association (SEA), our city’s teacher and educational support staff union. In particular, we have a candidate for SEA president, Jesse Hagopian, a history teacher at Garfield High School, who can help our city achieve the schools our children deserve. Jesse, a graduate of Garfield High School himself, is part of a team of educators running for union leadership on the “Respect” ticket who have a clear record of bringing together parents, students, educators, and community members to advocate for schools policies that promote excellence in education. Jesse understands that an educators’ union with an inclusive vision can improve both the working conditions for teachers and the learning conditions for students. It’s wonderful the union is producing a new crop of leaders who understand we can bring together all public-school stakeholders to create classrooms that promote critical-thinking skills, problem solving, and civic courage.

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