Matt Carter- High School Representative

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Matt Carter has 19 years of teaching experience, with 13 of those years spent in SPS. Currently Matt teaches special education at Franklin High School.  Previous to that, Matt taught 4th/5th grade combination at Orca K-8 and prior to that Matt taught 1-3 graders with emotional and behavioral disabilities at John Muir Elementary. Matt is a father of two Orca K-8 students.

“The schools Seattle deserves start with RESPECT. We have dedicated ourselves to a profession that truly attempts to make the world a better place. We deserve respect.   Respect means a strong contract, full funding for education, fair and sustainable teacher evaluations, the right to teach culturally relevant curriculum and an end to the overuse of standardized testing.  Working with families, communities and each other to create an informed, member driven union is what our schools need.  I ask for your vote and I ask you to get involved.”

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