See you on Sunday?

Social Equality Educators (SEE

General Meeting

 Sunday, March 2nd, 1:00pm–3:00pm

Beacon Hill Library
2821 Beacon Ave. S Seattle, 98144

RSVP: We would appreciate a head count before the meeting.  Please send an e-mail to ( or call and let me know if you can make it.  You can reach me at: 206-851-4963

Since our campaign kick-off we have been off to a good start building awareness of our social justice educators slate.   We developed a thorough campaign strategy at our last SEE meeting and formed working committees.  Our campaign work will take priority over mid-winter break and through the elections in April.  There is much to be done, including interviewing everyone to make a sensational campaign video.  Let your friends and co-workers know what SEE is up to and urge them to participate.  The more hands on deck, the stronger we are.

Proposed Agenda:

1) Reports on building visits with Respect candidates and campaign committee work

2) Fundraiser 

Regional mini-fundraisers are coming up.  Plans for a large fundraiser in April need to be developed.

3) School budgets

This year, as always schools are being asked to accept budget shortfalls and cut staff.  The union has offered a way to stand up against this process. What more can be done to resist budget cuts when we know the money is there?

3) Interviews/committee break-outs
Be prepared to say a few words for the camera about why you are endorsing the Respect slate and what your vision for Seattle schools is.   Campaign committees can break out and use this as a work period.  If you haven’t yet joined a committee this is a great time to do so!


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