Doug Edelstein – High School Representative

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Doug Edelstein has taught Social Studies since 1994 at Rainier Beach, Cleveland, and currently Nathan Hale. Doug is an adjunct instructor in social studies methods in the Masters in Teaching program at Seattle University and he serves on the Teacher Advisory Board of

“The schools Seattle deserves start with RESPECT. Our last contract negatively impacted the learning conditions of both teachers and students. Due to the district’s disregard of research based best practices and our union’s lack of organization, we now work under an unacceptable contract. We are faced with more irrational pressure to produce standardized test scores.  We’ve lost language that once protected academic freedom for both teachers and students.  We are faced with an unmanageable evaluation superstructure. We can do better. As educators, we are entrusted with immense responsibility. It is time we exert on behalf of students, families, schools, and public education itself.”

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