Portland Teachers To Go On Strike

****UPDATE**** The strike has been suspended and rally postponed for a later date.  Until further notice the SEE caravan to Portland is CANCELLED

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Thursday, Feb. 20th @ 3pm

Teacher and union member Adam Sanchez told Socialistworker.org why he’s going on strike:

I don’t think many teachers out there want to strike. We want to be teaching our kids. But what we want even less than that is a contract that’s going to make it so we can’t provide a good education for out kids. And so if it takes going on strike to win the schools Portland students deserve, or at least to win somewhat of a better education for our students than what they’re getting now, we’re willing to do it.

As Portland Public Schools officials are busy stoking fear and blaming teachers for standing up to untenable working conditions, the Portland Association of Teachers continues to seek a fair agreement with their bosses at the bargaining table.  SEE members are organizing a caravan to Portland to support teachers and school workers on Day 1 of their potential strike for the schools Portland students deserve.  The kick-off rally is scheduled for Thursday, Feb. 20th @ 3pm.  Contact jesse_hagopian@yahoo.com to join.


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