New line up of education and political leaders to speak at MAP Boycott Anniversary & Social Equality Educators “Respect” Union Campaign Launch

The wave of grassroots, social justice, campaigns that have swept Seattle are now set to enter the Seattle Education Association election with the SEE “Respect” slate.

Featured politicians, community organizers, and education advocates at the SEE kickoff rally include:

  • Kshama Sawant, Seattle City Council member
  • James Bible, past president of the Seattle NAACP
  • Sue Peters, Seattle School Board member
  • Mallory Clarke, Garfield High School Reading Specialist, MAP boycott Leader

Thursday, January 30

Garfield Community Center
2323 E Cherry St.
Seattle, WA 98122
Contact: Jesse Hagopian,


Candidates on the SEE Respect ticket include:

  • Jesse Hagopian, “Secondary Teacher of the Year,” Garfield High School, leader in MAP test boycott—Running for SEA President
  • Marian Wagner, National Board Certified Teacher, Salmon Bay K-8, current member of SEA Board of Directors—Running for SEA Vice President
  • Dan Troccoli, current Vice President of the SEA Substitute Association, founding member of SEE—Running for SEA Treasurer
  • And a slate of other candidates running for the SEA Board of Directors


“It’s really exciting to see Seattle take the lead in combating inequality, such as the fight for a $15 dollar minimum wage,” said SEE presidential candidate and Garfield High School teacher, Jesse Hagopian. “I am thrilled that some of the most important grassroots organizers and political leaders in Seattle are attending the SEE Respect campaign kickoff event to help fuse the growing struggle for social justice in our city with the struggle to achieve the best education for all of our students.”

This month marks the one-year anniversary of the MAP test boycott. Sparked by teachers at Garfield High School and spread to high schools throughout the city, Seattle teachers have inspired educators, students, and parents to stand up to the abuses of standardizing testing across the country! From Portland to Providence, teachers are leading the fight for meaningful curriculum and assessment.

This celebration of the MAP boycott and campaign launch event will begin with an awards ceremony to recognize the leadership and bravery of teachers participating in the boycott. We will then hear from teachers and community leaders fighting for social justice.

“This event is a chance for some of Seattle’s most active social justice teachers to explain their vision and platform for the future of education in Seattle and how our educators’ union can help us get there,” said current Vice President of the Substitute Association and candidate for treasurer of the SEA, Dan Troccoli.


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