Organizing Meeting for Racial Justice in Seattle Schools


Location: Broadcast Coffee

1918 E. Yesler Way

 Sunday, Nov. 24, 3 p.m.


For too long, the Seattle Public Schools have failed to live up to their duty to educate all children and serve all families. Time and time again the Seattle schools leadership has ignored or overridden the voices and concerns of African-American, Latino, Native American, Asian-American, and Pacific Islander communities and imposed an educational system that does not work for their students. Some recent examples include:


  • Disproportionality in discipline against African-American students by Seattle Public Schools;
  • The lack of community engagement in south Seattle around the new boundaries plan;
  • The district’s attempts to evict the Africatown Innovation and Education Center from the Mann building without addressing their concerns about providing cultural relevant curriculum in the schools;
  • The lack of a full-time staff to run the department for race and equity within the Seattle Public Schools;
  • The targeting and transfer of Center Schools teacher Jon Greenberg for teaching anti-bias, anti-racist, pro-social justice curriculum to high school students;
  • The use of biased, confusing, and inaccurate standardized testing to measure student performance and track students into a tiered education system.


Throughout Seattle, there have been families and community members working for years to put a stop to these and other injustices. It is time to bring our struggles together!


Please join Social Equality Educators (SEE) in helping to organize a city-wide forum on the struggle for racial justice in our schools! Our goal is to build an event that will draw together many different communities with similar struggles to unite for a common purpose—to put a stop to the institutionalized racism and inequitable treatment of communities of color by the Seattle Public Schools. All children deserve to go to a school that values them as individuals, that teaches them about their culture and history, and that helps them find their true passions and potential. Working together, parents, teachers, students, and community members can unite to lead the struggle to build a public school system that truly meets the educational needs of all students!

Download the flyer and help us get the word out!


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