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229656_171163812941473_6360238_nWho are Social Equality Educators (SEE)?

We are a rank-and-file organization within the Seattle Education Association that is dedicated to strengthening progressive values inside SEA, promoting quality and culturally relevant pedagogy to provide the best possible education for Seattle’s students, and building a strong SEA that can fight for the rights of our membership.


Our Points of Unity:

A Strong Contract


We believe that a strong contract provides competitive compensation, adequate learning environmentand basic job protections to the membership. A strong contract also promotes proven educational methods. A strong contract can only be won by mobilizing, educating and using feedback from the membership. The contract should always be ratified using the most democratic of methods that allows ample time for debate, discussion, and reflection by the membership.


A Member-Driven Union

We believe that a member driven union is one that is constantly encouraging the participation of more educators, and that fosters transparency and accountability of the elected leadership.


opposecorporatereform2Oppose the Corporate Education Reform Agenda

We oppose the major initiatives embodied in the Race to the Top (RTTT) program that relies on market-based approaches for our schools. Therefore, we oppose privatizing influence of charter schools that drain desperately needed funds from public schools. We oppose merit pay and other initiatives that seek to define teaching and learning through curriculum narrowing/culturally biased standardized tests.



Full Funding/Funding Equity

Washington State has been ruled in court to be in violation of the Basic Education Funding Act. We demand that the state fully fund the schools, using a method that creates funding equity across school districts.


criticalpedagogy Culturally Relevant Curriculum/Holistic Education

We believe in curriculum that reflects the needs and desires of the community that the school serves. For to long, the dominant pedagogy has not adequately represented working class children and children of color. All students should have the opportunity to learn about their culture. As well, our schools should not only equip students with the basic knowledge of the core subjects, but also help them develop skills such as civic courage, leadership, teamwork and social responsibility, to help them better understand their world and their collective self-interest.



Building Alliances

The Social Equality Educators see natural allies in parents, students, progressive education community advocates, and other unions in labor movement. We seek to strengthen these alliances through a sincere dialogue about how to improve education and by building common struggles to defend each other’s interests.


If you are an educator in Seattle, a member of the Seattle Education Association, and support the platform of Social Equality Educators, you should join us!